Hello, World!

Hello there!#

Since a long time now, I’ve wanted a blog or a place to share my thoughts. And after procrastinating for years, I finally got around to just doing it™. I can’t take all the credit though, a lot of it lies with someone pushing me to do this, and I am thankful for that!

Long Form Text vs. stories/status updates#

As I start writing here, I am a little uncertain about the entire idea of long-form text posts. Because over the past few years, I’ve seen more and more people 1 around me prefer much shorter, story-style updates instead of longer text posts. Even when people (have to?) read these, they do it like they are on a mission. They skim or speed through it. Heck, some of us even watch videos on 1.5x 2.

But while status updates and Shorts/Reels/TikToks are great for quick short bits of info, they offer very little in the way of nuance or depth. And those I like. If you have met me, you mostly know how long-winded I can get while talking. A lot more so when I am excited by the topic being talked about.

Thus: text articles. Potentially Long ones.

What will I write about?#

This entire endeavour is little more than a public experiment, so posts could be about a wide variety of things. Mostly things that pique my curiosity or interest me in some other way. Or things that I am learning about and want to wrap my head around by researching and writing about. Or just a little update on what I am doing next, maybe to get some early feedback. Or just some thoughts I want to pen down.

As an example, this recent video on Veritasium made me think about our data in the wild, without our consent. Or thinking about invention as a process of iterative improvement, something Sir James Dyson talked about on this episode of Tim Ferriss’s podcast. Or maybe about some memes I found funny.

I also have a few ulterior motives3 to write, but I mainly want to have a medium where I can share things. Things that can be more nuanced and deeper than occasional stories on Instagram or WhatsApp (if required) and more asynchronous than a DM or a phone call.


Firstly, thanks for checking this out! This is a kind of closed-group beta test. So I would really appreciate your thoughts whenever you come here and read stuff (including this piece). It could be a simple 👍 or ❤️. Or it could be a little (or not so little) text with your thoughts. Both are equally welcome and appreciated!

Finally, if you like the idea of me writing about stuff, please leave some positive encouragement! It would mean a lot :)

  1. More and more amongst younger people ↩︎

  2. You know who you are :p ↩︎

  3. Like getting better at expressing ideas in writing. And about having an online presence apart from my profile on social media platforms, where I can express myself on my own terms. Or trying to use this as a way to orient myself. ↩︎