Hello, World!

Hello there!#

I’ve always wanted a blog or a place to share my long-form thoughts with others and after procrastinating for years on end, I finally got around to just doing it™.

Long Form Text vs. stories/status updates#

As I start writing here, I am quite unsure about the entire idea of long form text articles. I’ve seen more and more people around me prefer much shorter, story-style updates over the past years instead of more traditional blogs or text. Even when people (have to?) read these, they do it like they are on a mission and usually skim or speed through it. Heck, some of us even watch videos on 1.5x (you know who you are :p). But in a time when we have so much to do and our attention is already one of the most valued things in the world, this isn’t entirely unprecedented.

But while stories and status updates are great as quick bites of info,

  1. They offer very little in the way of nuance or depth
  2. And one has to use either their voice or face in them, which I don’t want to do

Thus: text articles.

What will this blog be about?#

This entire endeavour is little more than an experiment in public, so posts could be about a wide variety of things. Mostly things that pique my curiosity or interest me in some other way. Or things that I am learning about and want to wrap my head around by researching and writing about. And also things I want to share with some people.

As an example, this recent video on Veritasium made me think about our data in the wild, without our consent. Or thinking about invention as a process of iterative improvement, something Sir James Dyson talked about on this episode of Tim Ferriss’s podcast. Or maybe about some memes I found funny.

I also have a few other ulterior motives1 to write, but I mainly want to have a medium that’s more nuanced and deeper than occasional stories on Instagram or WhatsApp and more asynchronous than a DM or a phone call.


If you are reading this, we know each other well. This is a kind of a closed-group beta test. So I would really appreciate your thoughts whenever you come here and read stuff. Think of it like us texting or talking to each other, and let me know what you think! As in those scenarios, sometimes it might be a simple thumbs-up emoji or a heart emoji. Or it could be a little (or not so little) text. Both are equally welcome and appreciated!

Finally, please leave some positive encouragement if you like the idea of me writing about stuff! It would mean a lot :)

  1. Like getting better at expressing ideas in writing. ↩︎